Bomb It 1 deadly excitement and fun

There is no doubt that all the fans, gurus and the players love a game full of action and thriller. If you have been looking for one, then this is the right site for you. The reports from various social sites like Facebook and Twitter plus the sales reports from the game industry indicate that there is a growing chemistry between fans and the action thriller games. In case you are the brave person who loves to see blood scatter all over so as you bring your enemies down, then this game is the exact platform for you to do so.

In this article of the Bomb It 1 game, we will tend to explore chronologically what bomb it game is all about. We will try to give an overview of the plot and thereafter how to ply the game. The game is about bombing your opponent to death by simply placing bombs whenever they are or go. The rule of thumb is, ‘the more the bomb you place the greater your chances of winning.’ There are so many power ups that will guide your moves. Some of these options include: bigger explosion, walk faster, confuse enemy, place mines bombs, freeze the enemy, and throw a grenade over walls and protection shield. You will notice that all these directives are self-explanatory and so you do not have to crack your brain. In addition to the power ups, there is also a list of weapons to use in the game. These weapons are: double short gun, rocket launcher, hammer, bull dozer, laser gun, remote bomb and land mine. They are generally as deadly as they can be.

When you decide to play Bomb It 1 game, there are several options that you may take. Since the game was initially designed for two players. You may call your friend up to compete or rather play with the computer. The former option is more fun and fair way because you are both on the same level. It is also a cool way to hang out with people close to you. After you are set, you will load the game and click on the play game mode. A screen with two sides will be displayed i.e. player 1 and player 2. This is where you get to select your side. There are four pointers in each of the two players. These arrow keys are what you and your pal are going to play with. However, the arrows are differentiated in such a way that, for player 1, it is labeled WASD while for player 2 it is simply the way arrows look like in ordinary situations.

Player 1 is also accorded with a ‘space bar’ while player 2 is accorded an ‘Enter’ option. The WASD in player 1 serves the same function as the arrow key in player 2 and is to ‘move’ the whatever weapon that one may choose to move to the opponent. The space bar and the enter option on the other hand, also serve the same function, and that is ‘to drop bomb’. These indicate that it is actually not a very difficult game to play, and any man standing can give it a try. It has been tested and proven that this game suits any age. It is particularly very helpful for the growing kids as will make their lives very vibrant. The aging group can to enjoy its services; however, this is a risky move because the game is very scary.

There are several ways that one can access this game. One of the options is to play the game online. This is, in fact, the best option because it is easy and quick. I have gone through the stats, and they indicate that millions of people all over the universe prefer to play the game online. Another option is to download the game absolutely for free. This process is also faster especially if you have a good connectivity. The final option will be to purchase Bomb It 1 game from the local stores; however, this may prove expensive.

So how do you get to be a member of the larger community who are playing Bomb It 1? This is possible especially if you are playing the game online. Get to open your personal account with an online site so that your records can be stored. The best players based on the records kept are normally rewarded. It is an amazing feeling when your name is ranked among the most outstanding players. Join our community now for more fun.


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