Prove Your Serving Skill in Dinner Dash 3

Diner Dash is an exciting restaurant game and the third series of the game is available now. Click here to play this amazing game!
In Diner Dash Game you have to play the role of Flo where your aim is to serve proper food to the customer and earn money. In the game you need to select customers and place them in a right table, take order from them, give order to the chef, server the order to the appropriate table, collect money after finishing their eating and clean the table. In Diner Dash 3, Flo have to fix the staff of cruise ship. From the cruise you have to jump to a train where the staff’s are inefficient at serving and there Flo will show her serving skill.
Diner Dash 3 a successful game like its other sequels. You will have a lot of fun and you should try it now.


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