Bubble Struggle 3 with Animated Character

Bubble Struggle is a game that has been successfully grabbed the attention of the online game players. That’s the reason behind releasing different sequels of the game. After a amazing response of the first sequel, Bubble shooter has released its second sequel, which is Bubble Struggle 3! Yes, it is available and you can play it anytime. In fact, you can visit this site to play the game now!
In Bubble Struggle, the main concept it same as the previous one. You are going to play a role of a character, which is pink in color. Here you have to shoot the appeared bubbles, otherwise they will hit you, and the game will be over. Definitely, you will be given weapon in order to shoot them. In Bubble Struggle 3 you will find your character more animated. There are several levels of the game and each of them will through you different challenges.

Life of game online version wins the heart of game players

Life of game has been launched as a video games or as a games which is accessible through electronic gaming device; a few years ago. Since it has been modified as a game accessible with computers or any other electronic gaming device, the game has been on top of the popularity list of the game world. You can easily install this game in your personal computer to play this game. But, always playing against the computers not remains very much fascinating, when you play this game frequently. Multiple player options are not so available at home, because you cannot have your friends or family available all time when you are free. The online version of life of game has provided a solution to this problem,. When you log in the online network of life of game, you have various game players online who are ready to play with you. So go for the online version of life of game at http://www.gameoflifeonline.com/life-the-game-online/ & have fun.


The sonic free rider is a motion controlled game that uses the kinetic forces of the body for game control. The unique & new feature almost brought a revolution in the game world. The game players have never had such feelings of racing cars that is ear to perfection. You can know more about how this kinetic force of body is used for game control in http://www.sonicfreeriders.org/sonic-free-riders-kinect. the game control for characters through your body is not only unique, at the same time it is also very easy. You just need to stand aside of your TV screen, bend backward or forward to race in this game. Sometimes you are required to crouch to build speed for the characters, sometimes you need to jump to use special techniques to win the game. This game is full of twist & techniques & that is why, the game players’ joy knows no bound when they play this game.