A Popular Zombie Game- Zombie Assault 2

If you love to play fighting games, then Zombie Survival games are the best choice for you. In these kinds of game, every moment you have to fight with the zombies for your existence. Usually, these games don’t come with a story line. Developers only concentrated to make the game full of actions. You will find a lot of popular Zombie Survival games. Zombie Assault 2 is one of them. Why don’t you check this out!
Zombie Assault 2 is a game where you will find yourself in a room and zombies coming from different direction in order to kill you. They will come with weapons and after seeing you, they will start shooting. You will also get weapons to kill them. Try to kill them quickly so that they can’t get chance to kill you. There are different levels of this game and after clearing each level successfully you will get money.


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