Simple but Awesome Action Game-Raft Wars

Most of the people are fan of action games and shooting. Raft Wars is a game that is related with war and shooting. The game is not very much big like desktop based PC games. So a simple computer with good internet connection is enough to play the game. You can learn more about the game if you are new.
Raft Wars has some installments of the game that are free to play. Do you know what the plat form of the game is? The game is based on flash plat form so all you need is a good browser for your computer to play the game. If you have a good flash powered portable device you can play the game on your portable device too. Shooting accurately is the main aim of the game. You will have some modern guns and you have to aim at your enemies to shoot. As your enemies has guns too, they will also shoot you and you have to protect your life from them.


Awesome Bing Game-Family Feud

In the past decades, Family Feud was a popular television show. Lots of people were fans of the show. Now the game is here on the computer to play. It’s mainly a guessing game. Now the game is virtually over the internet. Learn more about it.
There was a popular TV show there people used to play Family Feud with their family. The game was so much popular at a time. The game is based on player’s intelligence and trivia knowledge. Who knows that artificial intelligence will replace human to play the game? Now members are not needed to play the game. You can play the game with your computer. While playing the game most of the people give wrong answer only because of stress although they knew the right answer. So play the game with cool brain and you will win. The game is just a matter of intelligence that you already have, you just need to apply it.

Customize your Keys in Cyclomaniacs 4

Cyclomaniacs is a fun racing game series. This bike game series that is mostly popular among the boys. With the very first release of the game, it successfully grabbed the attention of the player. After that, with its each sequel the popularity of the game has increased. You will also see improved features on its each sequel. Cyclomaniacs 4 is also not different from it. You can play now!
Cyclomaniacs 4 is similar to the previous version of this game. If you have played the previous versions, then it will be easier for you to be comfortable with the game easily. You can use arrows or WASD for the movement. Here, you will get opportunity to customize your keys. In order to do so, go to Settings and click on control to customize the keys of your likings. The graphic of the game is little more realistic, less more cartoony.

Extreme Online Zombie Survival Game to Play

With the development of gaming site development there are made lots of games for playing online. But among all the games zombie game has much popularity around the world. People of all age like to play this kind of game. For zombie game lovers it is good news that the games are now free to play online. So grab the change and play now.
You can enjoy the zombie games online without paying any fees. You can add your friends to compete with you by making scores. As the game is online it doesn’t matter where your friends are. You can compete with other online players also. If you don’t have any problem you can download the game and play it without internet connection. Android and iPhone also support the game. The download process is very simple so you can easily do it. Downloaded version will help you to play the game if you are on the move.

Enjoy a Different Plazma Burst- Plazma Burst Hacked Version

Action games are usually difficult to play. These games are full of challenges so the beginners get frustrated when they can’t easily clear the level. Exactly, that also happens with the players of plazma Burst. If you are also among this group of people then this is the place where you can get the solution of it. You can play the hacked version of the plazma Burst that will definitely give you a different taste. You can click here to know more about it.
Plazma Burst Hacked version is going to give to a different experience of Plazma Burst. In the game, the biggest surprise is that, you will get an infinite number of money. So, you can buy as many weapons as you want. In fact, you can also upgrade then. In this version none of the levels is unlock. So, you can play the level that you like to play.