Awesome Game-Uphill Rush 5

Are you a fan of racing games? The Uphill Rush 5 is the game that can give us some pleasing time with online racing games. The games are very much interesting and very good to play online and pass some good time. Play online and finish this game for free.
The Uphill Rush 5 is such an interesting game which will give you the chance to have a great control over your vehicle. You have to choose your vehicle by our own. There are different types of vehicles in the game and it’s your time to choose one. You can choose any vehicle you want to ride. You will have a very easy control to handle your vehicle. The control is easy as a result you will feel comfortable while driving it. So it’s your time to try out the amazing game and hopefully you will have lots of fun to play the game.

Blosics 2: How Good Are You At Puzzle Solving?

Blosics 2 is a fun and entertaining physics-and-puzzle game that is sure to interest you. It involves the use of black metal funny balls to knock as many blocks off the platform as possible in a few turns. For each fallen green block, the player is awarded with points. However, there are some red blocks in the game. If they Fall, then you lose score. So, be careful not to hit red blocks in your attempt to hit green ones. There are a number of levels in the game which are enjoyable as well as challenging. Access to the next levels is possible only if you score 100 points in the each preceding level. In each level, you can alter the size and shape of the balls as well as the velocity with which the balls fall. The unique feature of the game is the challenge system whereby the player uses only one ball to complete each level or to disallow negative red blocks from falling. This feature is an exciting addition although there is no doubt some challenges can be quite tricky. Overall, it’s great fun to play the game.

Enjoy playing the Amazing Platform Racing 1

Platform racing 1 is an addictive multiplayer racing game. You might be thinking it’s a car racing game but no, it is instead a running race game which is interesting as well as challenging. If you want to play it, just go to the games blog. You would truly love the game as it offers exciting features. You can do different customizations like you can choose your own car and its color. What’s more, you can also customize the appearance of the character you’ll be playing. There are eight rooms (levels) in the game. In each room, you can either race single against the clock or race against up to four other players. You start out this game in a room called Noobeiland. Here, you can get familiar with how to play the game. When you triumphantly beat Noobeiland and get actualized rank 0.1, then you can barge in next level called Buto. There is a specific rank that is required to enter each level. If you fail to achieve that rank, you will not be able to enter next level and will consequently lose the game. It is therefore important for you to pay your full concentration while playing the game.

Bomb It 3 – Better Than Ever!

Who hasn’t played or at least heard of the game Bomberman? Well, in simple words, Bomb It 3 is a new and improved version of the original classic. You can play it for free on the game’s web page. The game is available in multiple languages – Russian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and many more. You can change the language settings at the beginning of the game. You can either play alone or choose the double player option. Both, the arrow keys and WASD keys are used to move around in the double player mode. Space bar is used to place the bomb. However, the Enter key serves the same purpose for the second player. The game controls can even be reset according to your preferences. The game offers a wide range of weapons and power-ups. There are four different vehicles available to the players – car, motorbike, horse and even a hovercraft.