Bomb It 3 – Better Than Ever!

Who hasn’t played or at least heard of the game Bomberman? Well, in simple words, Bomb It 3 is a new and improved version of the original classic. You can play it for free on the game’s web page. The game is available in multiple languages – Russian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and many more. You can change the language settings at the beginning of the game. You can either play alone or choose the double player option. Both, the arrow keys and WASD keys are used to move around in the double player mode. Space bar is used to place the bomb. However, the Enter key serves the same purpose for the second player. The game controls can even be reset according to your preferences. The game offers a wide range of weapons and power-ups. There are four different vehicles available to the players – car, motorbike, horse and even a hovercraft.


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