Flashing Addictive Games-Wake Up the Box

Great news for flash game lovers! The game developers have designed such a game series for all ages of gamers that they are being addicted to this game series. Wake Up the Box Games are science based thinking games where the main focus is the power of gravitation. The gamers will always have to try to keep the gravitation force in his or her favor to wake Mr. Box up. Play here http://www.wakeupthebox6.com/wake-up-the-box-games.
The first series is a Flash game made of 20 different levels. In every level, you will have to use the shapes thoughtfully force him wake up. Mr. Box is a very sound sleeper and sleeps in various locations. You must have careful and accurate press on the keys instructed in the left upper corner and other some particular keys as well. To do that, you will have to create different shapes and things to achieve the goal to force the clever Box wake up.


Learn Ageof Speed with Age of Speed Walkthrough

Age of speed, the name of the legend in the online gaming industry, this game and gaming material has gained the most popularity and widespread like a rocket, why? The answer of this question is this special game is designed for the beginners; anyone who is less knowledgeably of the online gaming can also found that, they are quite comfortable with this game.
No one can stop the game before finishing it, gamers start playing this game with an intension to how to beat the game.
I have also personally played this game also; I think the game can be regarded as the finest game over in the market today as this game will deliver you with ultimate joy. If you think over the overall games the game will certainly deliver you with the ultimate bliss and pleasure. So, if you are a first time gamers and want to enjoy an overall beautiful game without any sort of dullness, you can certainly try out this one for sure.

Feudalism 2 – Action and Strategy!

Feudalism 2 is a game of strategy. If you have not played it already, then you must go to the game’s website and check it out now. Arcade Town brings to you this intriguing game that sparks your ambition and lets you fight battles so that you can rule the world. In this game, you start off as the hero of a small town. You will be given some weapons and the ability to recruit soldiers. You can form your own army and declare war on other towns. There will be several battlefields where you will fight your enemies. The game has several characters which you need to be familiar with. Edgar is the lord of the Great Trade Republic and is a skilled swordsman. Selena is the princess of the Great Trade Republic. She can handle swords, crossbows and daggers. Also, she plays the role of a medic in the game.

Pleasurable Raft Wars Game

Are you bored and looking for something interesting? Why don’t you go for the online games? Yes, there you will get a lot of game. If you are confused by so many titles then this is the place where you will get a solution. This is an action packed game which is full of challenges and thrill. Once you start playing the game you will forget rest of the world! Yes, this game is that exciting. The name of this amazing game is Raft Wars. Visit this page to play the game as many times as you want.
In the game you will find yourself in a big ship. You are the owner of this ship. This ship I full o treasures. You will be travelling in the sea. When you will be in the middle of the sea, you will notice some people are coming towards you. They are your enemies and you have to fight with them.


Watch the Scary Maze Game Video

If you are going to play this game then you need to know about this game. If you can see the video carefully then you may play the game so well. So I may suggest you to see this Scary Maze Game Video before playing the Scary Maze Game.
If anyone wants to be good in something then he should know about the matter first. So when you are going to play this Scary Maze Game then you should gather the knowledge about that first. For this there have many ways. You may use the video to see for getting knowledge; you can also use the tips of the game for getting more. When you can see the Scary Maze Game Video, then you may play this game perfectly. There may have the perfect tutorial in that game. SO do not forget to watch the video before play this game.