Feudalism 2 – Action and Strategy!

Feudalism 2 is a game of strategy. If you have not played it already, then you must go to the game’s website and check it out now. Arcade Town brings to you this intriguing game that sparks your ambition and lets you fight battles so that you can rule the world. In this game, you start off as the hero of a small town. You will be given some weapons and the ability to recruit soldiers. You can form your own army and declare war on other towns. There will be several battlefields where you will fight your enemies. The game has several characters which you need to be familiar with. Edgar is the lord of the Great Trade Republic and is a skilled swordsman. Selena is the princess of the Great Trade Republic. She can handle swords, crossbows and daggers. Also, she plays the role of a medic in the game.


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