Crush The Castle 2 – Full of Action!

Crush The Castle 2 is the sequel that came online in 2010. Just like its prequel, this version has managed to attract many gamers. In this game, you come to know that King Redvonian’s greed has only increased. The news that King Blutias has acquired many new castles, rouses the green-eyed monster in King Redvonian. As a result of this, he asks Siege Master, the character controlled by the player, to gather the troops and destroy all of the castles of his enemy, King Blutias. Unlike the prequel, Siege Master does not work alone in this version. He has a new companion, Halgrim, who is a skillful mason. Many new weapons have been added to the game. These include ice grenades, weapons that can create black holes and jars containing electric eels. If you use these innovative weapons wisely and apply strategy, then you can complete this adventure game with much ease.


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