Join Hobo 7 to this journey in Heaven!!

Hobo7-Heaven is the seventh and final epic episode of the Hobo series! Hobo finds himself unwelcomed in Heaven after defeating Satan. Now he has an appointment with God. How you have to defeat the enemies, you will learn this here now! Hobo, a lazy guy, is basically not allowed in heaven and he wants to make his place in Heaven! Hobo has to kick and punch his way in, pulling off combos with the keyboard for disgusting special moves. At the starting of the game there will be instruction about what you need to do to defeat the enemies and there will be description about buttons those you should use. Then one by one enemies will come and you have to defeat them through various movement. Thus you can help Hobo to get a place in heaven.

Awesome Tanks Games: A series of “Awsomeness”

Awesome Tanks games have been designed basically to destroy buildings and unwanted schools, offices and other structures. You have to destruct all these using your good looking tanks and fight against all that come in front of you. Keep destroying the enemy tanks until you make all of them defective while you exist all the way through in these types of games.
What will you get in Awesome Tanks Games? Well, they give you a strong experience of fighting on a battlefield filled with many tanks, and provide you the better excitement as many sets of weapons and several upgrades have been offered by them. Awesome Tanks Games contain an array, consists of many functions and strong gameplay experience.

Go on your own adventure

Coal runner 2 is flash game where you have to run a engine sort of thing in a coal mine. The run through the path is the main objective of this game.
In Coal Runner 2, the play thing is interesting. You can move forward, backward and jump up with the keyboard arrows. Along with that,
you can also float in the air when you are in the air and you press your left and right keys at the same time. There are going to be crates in your path, so you have to watch your pace. The engine is over enthusiastic, and will move at your slightest touch and sometimes with no touch at all. So, you have to be
careful with that.