Drive fast with Wheelie Car

You will have very limited time to finish the game Wheelie Car. Your goal is to wheel the car from the starting level to finished level inside the set duration of time. So do it fast without wasting your time.
This game is a fun and challenging stunt game and you must drive the car as much fast as it is possible. Make sure to don’t let the front tires touch the ground. Arrow keys, Right, Left, Up, and Down can be used to control your car. So Up key is to accelerate the car, right arrow key is to lean backward, left key is to lean forward and if you need brake use Down key.
Wheelie Car


Interesting game Feudalism 1

Another good strategic game is Feudalism 1. It has many characters, a huge quantity of weapons, several maps as well as a complex plot. This game is created using the excellent skills. The team has put at the gamers’ disposal a manual or tutorial that is easy to understand and you will get some knowledge and guidance about how to play this game. You will get information and details about building, maps and warriors and some other things. Have a look to these all details at
Very high graphics have been included in this game as well as outstanding sound effects. This game has many interesting things and features for you and we are sure you will like them once you have started playing this game.