Appreciate Electric Man 2

Played the 1st edition and now looking for the 2nd one? Well, be happy as the Electric Man 2 has arrived. This game is launched from the lab of famous developer Damien Clarke, the game is nice and futuristic-looking. The game belongs to those flash game that we can proudly say that it’s enjoyable and amazing.
At the beginning of the game, may people say it’s a bit crazy game, but after you have played some levels, I am sure you will like all of them. Awesome tracks, good looking characters, and nice features make the game interesting and crazy. Although, the main menu is not able to impress anybody which contains nothing but a lot of text and some ugly colors, but play it, and enjoy, and focus on the characters actions. After playing some levels, you will be forced to appreciate it.

electric man 2 game


Please help Fix the Sun!

The sun is dead and the world is plunged into eternal darkness. There is no more light to bring joy to the days, no more spark to illuminate the beauty of the world. It is you job to fix this. It is your mission to fix the sun. Help your character fix the sun and bring brightness back to the world by passing all the levels. Overcome all the obstacles that are coming your way and don’t let the difficult and challenging ones stop you from completing your mission. Collect sparks along the way and see how the world is turning brighter and brighter each level.

What are you waiting for? The world needs your heroic nature. Time is essential. Stop wasting time and complete your missions. Play now and help fix the sun!

Fix The Sun

Get ready to kill the sadness in Cursed Treasure 4

The 4th part of a famous series which is very popular amongst the teens, kids and elders is ready to bring the enjoyment for the players. More stages, more complex plot and some new ways to kill the sadness of people. The game is also a tower defense game, which is one of the finest until now. This version was also created by Armor Games, Since the game is strategic, so you will have many chances to improve your skills during playing it. All people from all over the world are free to enjoy it. More Info can be found here.
In fact, there are several teens who are not only enjoying this spectacular game nicely, but they surprise to see the beautiful graphics, as well as the sound quality too. The game is not a common game, but it can attract you towards it.

Cursed Treasure 4

Fight the aliens in Hobo 5

Let help Hobo because he has been abducted by a few aliens and now he finds himself in somewhere in the deep space. The aliens are trying to use his DNA as they are planning to make a hobo army by using his DNA for his process. They also did drain all of his combo moves. Now the Hobo is ready to fight aliens as well as other hobo clones to reach them back.
Many controls can be used to play this game, such as A, S and the arrow keys. When you need to make the punch or picking an object up is needed, use the A key. Kicking is possible by using the S key. The arrow keys are used for moving.

Hobo 5 (1)