Press Space to pause Skywire 1

Get ready to play the first edition of skywire series called skywire 1, which has many simple controls to enjoy. Keep in mind that the game can be played by two players, and each player will own different controls or keys to control his area of this game. So the player 1 will have these controls. Up arrow key, Left arrow key, Right arrow key, and the Down arrow key. Jumping will be possible by pressing the up arrow key while the left arrow key is created to accelerated forward. Play it on
The right arrow key is a buff button and the right key is made as the booster button. The player two can perform these all actions by using the W, D, A, left shift button, and the caps button. Bothe players have an option to press the space bar if they need to pause the game.

skywire 1

Get rewards in Plazma Burst 3

Another interesting game called Plazma Burst 3 is here, where the task is to avoid being killed by the enemies. How the player can make himself safe and secured from his opponents? Well, he has to search the ways to keep himself away from his enemies by killing them one by one, so that way the player will find a way to the exit point in this game. The animations that are created, are very good and excellent which provide a real feel and look to this game.
The background color is not so dark, it is light so you can see the characters easily moving and fighting. While playing, the game provides you many chances to collect several bonuses and rewards. Whenever you pass a level, you will get some cash as a reward. Keep playing this game.

Plazma Burst 3

Cross the barriers in Red Ball 6

Enjoy this best puzzle game named Red Ball 6, which is focused on applying many special strategies and you must follow them if you need to win the game. One and two people can play it at the same time. The object is very simple, so you have to pick the designed balls and after that put in the basket your opponents own. When you open this game and you are on the main screen, 2 characters will be displayed, one on the right side smiling, and the other is opening his mouth and looking dangerous.
To win the game, as I told you, you have to pick the balls to put them on the baskets, but this job is not so easy, to take these balls and place them in the baskets, the player must cross many barriers.

Red Ball 6

Test yourself in The Idiot Test

Willing to know how idiot you are? Need to recognize yourself either you are an intelligent person or an idiot? Well, the player will put himself through a hard, difficult to understand, rigorous, and quite common senses test to check himself how much an idiot he is. I know you are thinking that you are smart, ok, no problem, check yourself and see are you smarter than this hard test? Be prepare for this test to begin questioning yourself.
The author is Ryan Curtis, which is a reputed person in creating online games. Remember a fact, even if the player is an idiot, but he has no need to be worried, because he can try as many times as possible to him. The player must follow the provided instructions which are not so much. Just using a mouse will be enough to control the game.

The Idiot Test

Useful features in Mahjong Shanghai

Thousands of people in this world don’t know how to speak, write, and understand Chinies language, but they are addicted to play games related to china’s culture and so on. So if you are among those people, then we have braought a beautiful, perfectly desinged, and addective game for you. The game has nothing but some appealing graphics, some useful features, a few sound tracks, and a nice back ground. When you open the game, you will see two options you have to choose one of them.
One options is that if you are a kid, then click a link named for kids, and the other link is created for adults only. The game is very popular among the gamers from the globe. This game, after its release, has been opened thousands of times and its popularity and reputing is growing day by day.

Mahjong Shanghai

Hunting fun in Cactus Mccoy 3

It’s a platform game where the character Cactus Mccoy in this 3rd version Cactus Mccoy 3 at is a treasure hunter. The character has turned into another character Cactus. The character we are talking about is not unaware of a dangerous situation, he knows that the job is full of danger, but he did not stop finding the treasure. He resumes his journey and avoids the risks of gathering more and more artifacts. Do you what is the artifacts? Well, these are the objects made or shaped by human hand.
He is not disappointed in his journey, he have found many mysterious artifacts and succeeded in killing more enemies along his way. So, let’s have a power to find the treasure and play. Are you hungry to do this? Have a try to hunt. Not only you will go hunt that treasure, but you will handle the enemies as well.

Cactus Mccoy 3