Help Wheely reach the exit in Wheely 2

Are you dreaming of having a car? If your answer is a yes, you are not alone because all of us are aiming to have a car because it is very essential on our daily living. But it is understandable that not all of us are able to achieve it yet because of certain reasons like money and other priorities. But don’t feel bad if you haven’t reach that dream car because there is another way to have this fascination like a flash game. They exist because they are avenues to fulfill our imaginations. Wheely 2 is a great example. One can quickly determine that this is about cars because of the word Wheely.
The name of the car is Wheely which has a new mission in this game which is to find his one great love. But doing that is not an easy peasy because Wheely must overcome challenges along the way. The player must help Wheely to solve the puzzles presented in the game. After successful solving, Wheely can reach the exit and move on the next level. This game is very tricky so one must think very carefully in order to succeed.

Wheely 2


Show off your dolphin skills in My DOlphin SHow 5

Your favorite little dolphin is back and she’s here to do some more tricks to awe and woo the crowd. The Dolphin Show game series is back in its fifth installment and it has more surprises in store for you. In My Dolphin Show 5, you are once again tasked to perform the tricks your trainer taught you. Capture the audience’s heart and give them a very good show. Use your arrow keys to swim, jump, dive and do some tricks! There are lots of levels to complete so you have more chances to show off your awesome dolphin tricks! To know more about this game, visit this site now!

What are you waiting for? Play My Dolphin Show 5 and show the world how much of a great dolphin you are. Visit the site linked above and start playing now!

My Dolphin Show 5

Drive expensive cars in Rich Cars 4

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be rich and get to drive awesome, expensive cars? Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to drive some vintage cars? Well, lucky you because now your thoughts have become reality. In Rich Cars 4, you get to drive very expensive and vintage cars! Like the previous versions of the game, the controls of Rich Cars 4 is very basic. However, if you would like, you can also check the instructions for clarifications. To know more about the game, where to play it and how to play it, have a peek at this website.

Rich Cars 4 is a very fun and exciting racing game that will leave one pumped up with adrenaline. Have a peek at the website linked above and start playing now!

Rich Cars 4

Save the waffles in Waffle Boy’s Jungle Adventure

Evil professor Burnt has invented an evil device that will obliterate all delicious waffles from the face of the earth. The good Waffle Boy has decided to stop this evil plan once and for all. Help Waffle Boy destroy professor Burnt’s evil device in Waffle Boy’s Jungle Adventure! Help Waffle Boy complete each level by overcoming all the obstacles and gathering waffles for extra points. There is no link available for this awesome game, however, if you Google it, you will surely find various websites that host this game.

Waffle Boy’s Jungle Adventure is a very fun and exciting game. If you’re up for something that will keep you occupied for ours, then this game is something you should definitely play. Accompany Waffle Boy as he saves all the delicious waffles in this world.

Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure

Boost your way in Earn to Die Superwheel

Are you familiar with Earn to Die Superwheel? Do you have any idea what is this all about? Does it involves anything under the sun? Well, don’t worry if you can’t respond to the questions because this article is intended to inform individuals about Earn to Die Superwheel.
If you think of a game involving cars, trucks, zombies and apocalypse, this is what this game all about. Earn to Die Superwheel is a flash game that involves cars, trucks and zombies. This game has a simple but tough goal. One player must be able to smash and crash zombies to survive the apocalypse. There is like map of destinations that you must go as well as standard distance that you must take. There are options and upgrades that you can use to improve your vehicle. There are also boost to speed up youe driving as well as additional weapons such as guns and machine guns. Fuel is the vehicle’s friend to survivor longer distances. Check this website: if you want to know more about this game.

Earn to die Super Wheel

The perfect zombie game list in Zombie Survival Games

Zombies. They’re the new hype lately. Everywhere you look, you’ll see something related to this undead creatures. Movies, series, books- there’s even a song about zombies! How crazy is that? Of course, a hype won’t be complete if it doesn’t extend to the gaming world. That is why over that past few years, there’s been an outbreak of Zombie games everywhere and anywhere in the world. A list of this Zombie Survival Games can be found in this informative site, so browse that.

If you’re looking for some pretty awesome zombie games, if you’re up to some undead killing action or if you’re simply looking for something that’ll scare the hell out of you, then drop everything now and browse that. I’m 100 % sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect zombie game for you in Zombie Survival Games.

Zombie Survival Games

There’s no time to waste in 5 Miles 2 Go!

Racing games are an absolute pleasure to play. They never fail to give everyone that heart-pounding and adrenaline inducing action that always leaves people breathless and aching for more. If you’re a fan of NASCAR racing, then 5 Miles 2 Go is a game that will definitely appeal you. This game isn’t like any other racing game where you use turbos, nitros, and drifting to get the gaming advantage. In 5 Miles 2 Go, you will have to use drafting techniques used in NASCAR races in order to win the race. To get more information about what drafting is, be sure to read the ‘Read Me’ section of the game before playing. There controls of the game are very easy and they are all mentioned in the instructions.
5 Miles 2 Go is a very informative game. If you’re looking for a different take on your usual racing games, then this game is definitely worth a try.

5 Miles 2 Go

Beginners can Enjoy Return Man

Return Man have several versions to enjoy and you can find the official source clicking the designed link here. All the versions are easy to play and enjoyable cause the main goal is very simple. You have to catch the passes, and when you reach the 1st line up you will be provided a route to walk and run. Making your way to a circle colored yellow where the player will throw the ball. Keep in mind that the task and this mission is not easy. Many defenders will come in front of you defending your attacks and you have to beat them.
Make sure to run the right route! But the question is, how it will be possible for you if you are a new player. Well, you have to follow some dots which have green color and they are placed conveniently.

Return Man

Beat your friends using Earn to Die cheats

Do your friends always laugh at you when you lose in playing Earn to Die? Do you want to beat your friends when playing this game? Then you have come to the right place. This is your chance to tell your friends “Beat me!” Because from now on, with this given cheats you will never get run out of money to buy and upgrade cars and weapons. You can even have endless fuel, nitro, and ammo!
Plus, you can even make your car invisible and put its visibility back! Wouldn’t that be a great advantage for you when playing Earn to Die with your friends? So, call your friends now and they will surely envy you with your secret cheats that could give you more success in playing this game. But remember, you still have to practice more and more so you can play this game perfectly.

earn to die cheats

Shooting in MORT the Sniper 2

This is the 2nd part of an online game series called MORT the Sniper, and now it has come with a new name of MORT the Sniper 2. This version also has been sponsored, created, and published by two partners, addicting games and Mad Science Industries. You are a hero in this game, and you know a hero doesn’t stop working in any movie or game. You have to continue fighting with your enemies to rescue the friends and hostages. Don’t forget to kill the bad people and make sure to provide a safety to the puppies.
Just like the previous version, here also your mouse will be needed to perform actions. So, use it to make an aim and after you have made the aim properly, shoot and fire. Since shooting is needed, thus this game is counted in the shooting games category.

MORT the Sniper 2