There’s no time to waste in 5 Miles 2 Go!

Racing games are an absolute pleasure to play. They never fail to give everyone that heart-pounding and adrenaline inducing action that always leaves people breathless and aching for more. If you’re a fan of NASCAR racing, then 5 Miles 2 Go is a game that will definitely appeal you. This game isn’t like any other racing game where you use turbos, nitros, and drifting to get the gaming advantage. In 5 Miles 2 Go, you will have to use drafting techniques used in NASCAR races in order to win the race. To get more information about what drafting is, be sure to read the ‘Read Me’ section of the game before playing. There controls of the game are very easy and they are all mentioned in the instructions.
5 Miles 2 Go is a very informative game. If you’re looking for a different take on your usual racing games, then this game is definitely worth a try.

5 Miles 2 Go


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