Help Wheely reach the exit in Wheely 2

Are you dreaming of having a car? If your answer is a yes, you are not alone because all of us are aiming to have a car because it is very essential on our daily living. But it is understandable that not all of us are able to achieve it yet because of certain reasons like money and other priorities. But don’t feel bad if you haven’t reach that dream car because there is another way to have this fascination like a flash game. They exist because they are avenues to fulfill our imaginations. Wheely 2 is a great example. One can quickly determine that this is about cars because of the word Wheely.
The name of the car is Wheely which has a new mission in this game which is to find his one great love. But doing that is not an easy peasy because Wheely must overcome challenges along the way. The player must help Wheely to solve the puzzles presented in the game. After successful solving, Wheely can reach the exit and move on the next level. This game is very tricky so one must think very carefully in order to succeed.

Wheely 2


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