Explore The Space In Civiballs 4

Civiballs 4 has a different look that the previous ones in the series. It has even more beautiful design and even more problems to solve! Differently from the previous games that were set in the ancient civilizations, this one is set in space. So don’t be surprised by this entirely new look of the game. It makes it even more exciting! Your goal is still to release balls and make them fall in the right place. Except that, you won’t be putting balls in the vases like you are used to, you will be putting them in the craters on the moon!
And you will see some aliens around, of course. As there is entirely new theme in the game, there are also some entirely new objects. There are laser guns, UFOs, stone balls, aliens and robots. They are all there to help you be more successful and make the game even more challenging.


Escape the basement in Townhouse Basement Escape

An escape game has been getting attention from various gamers around the world because of three reasons. One is because it is about escaping a specific room, place or environment. Two is because it makes the player think and think. Last reason is because of the graphic designs and background that makes it more entertaining. One good example is Townhouse Basement Escape. This is an interesting game that will surely be enjoyed by all kinds of players. Continue scanning and skimming this article for more familiarization.
The scenario in this game is that you are stuck in the basement of a townhouse when the doors are suddenly locked for no reason at all. At first, you are afraid but you must be able to calm yourself and think of a better way to escape the basement. You have to use all the things you see in the basement and determine their worth that can really help in your escape. Search for Townhouse Basement Escape online and test your escaping skills.


Be a nature lover in Ranch Rush 2

There are many benefits that one can get from nature. It can be a good source of food, building materials and give fresh air. But there are instances where people came to a point of abusing it to another level. The result of this negligence leads to the wrath of nature. There are floods, earthquakes, and destruction due to the negligence of people to nature. There is awareness of its importance and hopefully, all of us are able to keep in mind that it is time to take care of the environment. And what a good way to raise awareness is through a flash game.
In this way, people will be able to have fun and learn about the environment at the same time. One good example is Ranch Rush 2. This is actually a sequel to a previous game. This time, the main character who is Sara has set her goal in a completely new level. Together with a new friend named Coco, they have to manage and develop a tropical farm. This is an easy and fun game about farming and nature.


Protect the village in Boulder Basher 2

Are you familiar with the flash game called Boulder Basher 2? Do you how this game works? If you are not familiar with it, don’t worry because this article will help you be familiar with controls and objectives of this game. Boulder Basher 2 is about protecting a village from enemies like giants and wizards. This game has a magical touch because of the presence of the said creatures. This game is a defense to offense like game where a player has to protect the village while eliminating the enemies. As mentioned earlier, the player will have to do everything in order to stop the wrath of the evil giants and wizards. There will be boulders that are set up to destroy the village so you must destroy or eliminate the boulders by using the mouse to remove them and bring them back to the green dudes. This game requires strategic and logical tactic from the player.


More Bombing Fun in Bomb It 7

Still wanting for more Bomb It games? Here comes Bomb It 7! Like other Bomb It games you have enjoyed, this new version has something new to offer. Aside from really exciting and thrilling pace of the game, more levels and game modes were added. In addition, you can choose from a lot more backgrounds and characters or avatars you want to play with. For beginners of this game, who just started to play with it, you will certainly love this game, as it will give you hours of bombing challenges.
The controls are very easy. Just use the dedicated keys on your keyboard. As for the objectives, drop bombs to kill all your enemies and collect points and bonuses along the way. And as you progress, you can change the difficulty, set it to easy for beginners, normal for casual gamers or hard for master gamers. You can find more information here if you want to know more about this fun bombing game.

Bomb It 7 (4)

Survive the flood in Flood Runner 3

Are you familiar with a flood? This is an event where water level in a particular place reach the maximum measurement leading to overflowing in the whole place due to three factors. One is because of the improper drainage system where the water isn’t flowing smoothly. Second is due to trash or garbage stucked in drainage holes. Last is because of the lack of trees due to the abusive treatment of man to the environment. A flood is a reminder of the nature’s wrath which should be aware and plan to avoid. Meanwhile, there is a flash game which mainly focus on flood and it is named Flood Runner 3. From the title, you can quickly determine that this game has to do with flood. This is actually the third installment in the flash game series called Flood Runner.
There are some changes that happened in this version such as the stickman which is now an animated character with color and life. The other change is pertaining to the surf board which is gone now making it tougher for the player to accomplish the objective of surviving the flood by overcoming obstacles on the way. Visit www.floodrunner5.com/flood-runner-3/ for more details.