Survive the flood in Flood Runner 3

Are you familiar with a flood? This is an event where water level in a particular place reach the maximum measurement leading to overflowing in the whole place due to three factors. One is because of the improper drainage system where the water isn’t flowing smoothly. Second is due to trash or garbage stucked in drainage holes. Last is because of the lack of trees due to the abusive treatment of man to the environment. A flood is a reminder of the nature’s wrath which should be aware and plan to avoid. Meanwhile, there is a flash game which mainly focus on flood and it is named Flood Runner 3. From the title, you can quickly determine that this game has to do with flood. This is actually the third installment in the flash game series called Flood Runner.
There are some changes that happened in this version such as the stickman which is now an animated character with color and life. The other change is pertaining to the surf board which is gone now making it tougher for the player to accomplish the objective of surviving the flood by overcoming obstacles on the way. Visit for more details.



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