Explore The Space In Civiballs 4

Civiballs 4 has a different look that the previous ones in the series. It has even more beautiful design and even more problems to solve! Differently from the previous games that were set in the ancient civilizations, this one is set in space. So don’t be surprised by this entirely new look of the game. It makes it even more exciting! Your goal is still to release balls and make them fall in the right place. Except that, you won’t be putting balls in the vases like you are used to, you will be putting them in the craters on the moon!
And you will see some aliens around, of course. As there is entirely new theme in the game, there are also some entirely new objects. There are laser guns, UFOs, stone balls, aliens and robots. They are all there to help you be more successful and make the game even more challenging.



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