Destroy That Alien In Flakboy 3!

Flakboy 3 is quite strange game, but yet very interesting. You will find it somehow addictive. Your goal is to set a trap for the alien and destroy him. You need to build a good strategy to do this. So in some way this is a puzzle solving game. if you are up for some brain testing, try out this great game. this sequel has even more amusing features and weapons. There are three modes of the game for you to choose. There is a normal mode, challenge and sandbox mode. Normal mode will be the only mode available at the beginning. It is you chance to test your weapons, explore your possibilities and try do destroy little alien on many ways. There will be some weapons available, and your only goal is to hurt that alien. Challenge and sandbox modes are, of course, more challenging. They are more difficult to complete than the Normal mode.



Experience An Extreme Driving With Rally Point 3

Are you ready for more racing and more adrenaline rush? Rally Point 3 comes back with even more excitement than you are used to! Even more great tracks and more great cars to unlock! The goal of the game is to win races by beating the target time.
At the left top corner you will see a given time to finish the race. You can use nitro to boast your speed. Beating the time given, you will unlock some amazing new cars and new tracks. You will use your arrow keys to control the car, and a couple of other keys. You will master the controls very quickly. This game is all about the speed. So you know what you need to do. This is an extreme driving experience through wavy and challenging tracks. If you like fast driving this is your chance to show your skills! Try it out and have fun!


Where Are My Bunnies: Catch The Bunny!

Where are my bunnies is a cute game with puzzle solving. It isn’t so hard to play so you can just relax and have some fun in your free time. In this game farmer lost his bunnies and you have to help him find them. You will have a role of a wolf, trying to capture a bunny. This is also a point and click game, so it is very easy to control. Arrows showing you your next step will come in handy. They will tell you what to do next so if you are a new player, it will help you get familiar with the rules. There are many levels and at each of them you will have the same task: to capture a bunny, but in different ways. You do that by putting the wolf mask and make the bunny enter the cage. Sometimes you will have to jump and for that use a spring coil.


Champion Archer: A Battle With Bow And Arrow

Unlike other archery games where you had a target you need to aim and shoot, Champion Archer brings completely new rules of the game. There are a lot of stick figures fighting against each other! Isn’t that exciting?! The storyline of the game is very interesting. Two stick figures colonies are fighting for too long, that they have even forgotten the reason of their fight.
Your hero is a great archer, very smart and very popular in your colony. He will fight the enemy together with his colony and you need to help him with that. Who reaches the end of the battlefield first, he is the winner. You earn money by shooting your enemies, and shot in an enemy’s head will bring you more money. With the money you can purchase some very useful items in the game shop. You will love this game! If you like archery, violence and shooting games, play it at


Compete With Other Players In Shopping Cart Hero 5

An awesome game with a stick figure pushing a shopping cart! If you are already a fan, you will enjoy some great brand new features that this version brings. In Shopping Cart Hero 5 you will have to push your cart very fast. But this time the type of road is slightly different from the previous. It is snow time! You will be pushing your cart in a Ski resort, down the ski slope, jumping and flying in the air. You will have all the ski equipment you need. There will be plastic skis, metal skis, football helmet and others. To get points you have to jump very high and to roll very fast.
An amazing new option of the game is that you can compete with other players. But to unlock this feature you need to earn certain amount of money. So perform stunts, earn money and upgrade. You can do it here:

Shopping Cart Hero 5 (1)