Try Not Be Addicted To Blox Forever!

This is a very fun and colorful game! Your goal is to place the same gem blox together to remove them. So if you place two gem blocks of the same color together, they will burst and disappear from the board. When you remove all the blocks you can move on to the next level.
Blox cannot be moved up, only right, left and down because of the gravity. But if you put a blox on the elevator, it can go up when it’s necessary. Every level will be different and blox will be placed in a way that you have to build a good strategy in order to remove them. The good thing is that you do this only with your mouse. This game requires your concentration and strategy building skills. Blox Forever features some interesting guidelines to make it easier if you are a beginner. Try it out and check how addicting game this is!

Blox Forever (4)

Be an alien or a human in Raze 1

Have you ever wondered what will the future looks like? Does the way of living is easier than ever? The answer is uncertain now but that is the beauty of living, which is about mysteries and adventures. To satisfy your imagination, there is a game called Raze 1. This game is about futuristic shooting. With this game, you will have a medium to unleash your shooting skills while enjoying the beautiful graphics and designs. The objective of the game is to shoot enemies and other objects that will cause you pain or damage.
There are two game modes available: campaign and quick match. With the campaign mode, you will be given two categories. One is to play the human mode, which you need to complete before moving to the Alien Mode. Each categories has 10 exciting levels. If you want to learn how to play Raze 1, just search for it online and you will surely have a blast playing.


Strike Force Heroes: Strike From Distance

If you have been playing shooting games, and haven’t heard of the Strike Force Heroes game series, you better try this out. If no, well, this is worth a shot. This game is a mix of shooting plus tactical thinking. The Strike Force Heroes is a tactical shooting game in where you must shoot to kill enemies. But it is not just about shooting, you must make sure that you defeat more enemies than them. So, it is also about maximizing your life while protecting it, and at the same time, protecting your troops. You can receive different rewards in every missions. There are weapons, skills, and also money. In the first and second installments, your goal is to defeat enemies, while starting at the third installment, you will become the leader of your own team. Better prepare your eyes for the amazing graphics, and get your tactful skills up because it will be needed.

Strike Force Heroes 4 (1)

Wake Up The Box 6: A Real Challenge!

Gamers who like to make strategies and play with physics and gravity forces will enjoy this sixth sequel of the amazing game Wake Up The Box 6. As the title says, in this game your main goal is to wake up a sleeping box! But how will you do that?

Using the gravity and other objects to hit the box or to push it and make it wake up. Wake Up The Box 6 is very cartoonish and very lovable. This is why you may think it is easy to complete. But as you progress further in the levels you will discover how it can be hard to think of a good strategy. You will need to draw certain shapes to hit the box. There will also be other items to help you like rockets, and other stuff. Sometimes it will be hard to reach a sleeping box so you need to think smart. If you get stuck you can always use some help from the walkthrough.

wake up the box 6 (1)

Aerial battle in Drakojan Skies 3

Does Drakojan Skies 3 ring a bell? If not, it is ok because you will eventually know this thing by reading this content. It is an example of a flash game. It is actually the third version from the successful game series called Drakojan Skies. This is categorized as aircraft shooting as well as three-dimensional war. There two reasons why this game is very popular. First reason is because it is about battles and action. Second reason is because it involves aircraft that most of us are dreaming to operate or have. The player will act as the leader of the Omega Squadron. Your objective is to defeat and shoot the aircrafts of hostile enemies and protect the Drakojan territory. Be tactical, strategically and analytical in order to pull through with the mission with excellence, literally and figuratively. You can search for this game online and have a blast playing.


Show your athleticism in Planters Field Goal Challenge

Are you a fan of American Football? Do you love the atmosphere and the vibes in this particular sport? If you are positive about it, you are not alone. Many people love this sport because of three reasons. One is because it is a team sport, which means many people can enjoy this sport. Second is because of the intensity it creates and elevates not just only on the players but on the crowd watching. Last is because it exemplifies teamwork, dedication, and wits.
There is a flash game that simulates this sport and it is called Planters Field Goal Challenge. As mentioned earlier, this is a simulation game, which means it applies the same objective like the real one. You will play as a virtual football player and your objective is to make a goal at different distance based on the level you are in. The farther the distance, the higher score you will obtain.



Perform Some Exciting Tricks In Shopping Cart Hero 4

You hero is a little stick figure and he is pushing his shopping cart! You need to help him push his cart through half-pipe ramp jumping, flying, performing stunts and trick and land safely on the ground! Do you think you can do that? If you like performing stunts and race, you will definitely love Shopping Cart Hero 4.
In this sequel there are even more tricks for you to perform. There are forward and backward flips, handstand, wheelie and more. Front wheelie and hangman stunt are new features. Another great feature is that you can have some groupies with you in the cart. So you need to be very careful not to crash. Every stunt will earn you money which you can use to buy some great stuff like upgrades and other amazing stunts! Some of the new upgrades for this version are Nitro tank, turbo engine and electric powered cart. You will love it!

Shopping Cart Hero 4 (5)