Wake Up The Box 6: A Real Challenge!

Gamers who like to make strategies and play with physics and gravity forces will enjoy this sixth sequel of the amazing game Wake Up The Box 6. As the title says, in this game your main goal is to wake up a sleeping box! But how will you do that?

Using the gravity and other objects to hit the box or to push it and make it wake up. Wake Up The Box 6 is very cartoonish and very lovable. This is why you may think it is easy to complete. But as you progress further in the levels you will discover how it can be hard to think of a good strategy. You will need to draw certain shapes to hit the box. There will also be other items to help you like rockets, and other stuff. Sometimes it will be hard to reach a sleeping box so you need to think smart. If you get stuck you can always use some help from the walkthrough.

wake up the box 6 (1)


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