Bring back the monkeys in Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys is a popular and addicting flash game series because of three factors. One is because of the involvement of cute monkeys which are also smart and genuine. Second is because of the features and graphics it presents which makes it more attractive and appealing to play. Last is because of the puzzles that will really give entertainment as well as challenges to the players. This series has come up with its third edition in Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3. Continue scanning the whole content of this article and have a blast familiarizing this wonderful game.

The player will have to deal with a mature monkey and its mini monkeys. The scenario is that the big monkey felt sad because the mini monkeys are missing. It is the player’s goal to find the fifteen mini monkeys while solving the puzzles in each level. Make the big monkey happy by fulfilling the basker of missing mini monkeys. For more details, just visit

Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 3 (4)

It is the blue elephant again in Achievement Unlocked 3

It is really amazing to see and experience playing a game which has simple features and graphics but has a tough process to deal with. Yes, there is a flash game that seems simple but difficult and its title is Achievement Unlocked 3. This is actually the third edition from the series that features a Blue Elephant.There are two things that an individual or a player can get by playing this game. One is the entertainment and the other is the learning he or she will gain.

Achievement Unlocked 3 (1)

Achievement Unlocked 3 features a blue elephant. This is a fun but tough puzzle game. The player’s mission or goal is to solve complex puzzles while dealing with certain stuffs like over 1000 blocks, 600 pellets and 10 hamsters. There are 400 achievements that you can attain once you perform or succesfully form the puzzles. This game is educational because it enhance memory and logical way of thinking of a person.

It is a girl thing in Shopaholic: Hollywood

Gender equality can be seen and felt not only in real life but also in virtual life. Evidence can be seen in varied online flash games in which there are intended for male and female as well as for both gender. It is a great idea because it shows equality and fair treatment even in a virtual medium or way. If you are looking for a girl thing or flash game for females, then you may like the one called Shopaholic: Hollywood.

Obviously, it involves shopping which is one of the obsession or passion of many girls in the world. This is a fun and entertaining flash game because it involves different shopping malls found in Hollywood. The objective of the player is to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories so you will be ready for the upcoming parties and events that you will be attending. The great thing about playing this game is that you are able to shop without losing a sweat.

Shopaholic Hollywood (2)

Dolphin Olympics Games: Get ready to flip your tails like a dolphin

Take your dolphin into the space and fly a little higher. Rawkins comes with an amazing game which allows you to show your skill as a dolphin where you can show all the tricks you got in your mind. It’s the first successful game made by Rawkins and still has a loyal following to this day.

The game has 2 sequels: the Dolphin Olympics 2 and Dolphin Olympics 3. You can play it here: Both the game comes with the same objective. All you need to do is use your controls and try to show as many tricks as possible in the two minutes’ showdown. Flip as much as you can, with practice you may be able to get your name to the leaderboards that are available in the Dolphin Olympics game. What are you waiting for? Get started as soon as you can.

Dolphin Olympics (3)

More targets in Ricochet Kills 4

If you have played and enjoyed Ricochet Kills games, you will surely be delighted in the fourth installment, Ricochet Kills 4: Players Pack. This sequel is almost exactly as the first one. Only, this installment will give you more challenging levels and more targets to shoot at. You still use the mouse to aim and shot.


The improvement of graphics made in the second and third installments were retained in this game. But the items added in level three were also removed. And the Level Editor is now back in the Main Menu, you can now create a custom-made level. Ricochet Kills 4 is another addicting shooting game. But it is not recommended for children below ten years old. You can play Ricochet Kills 4 for free in And if you got stuck in a level, you can find the Walkthrough in the same webpage.

Snail Bob 2: Snail Bob comes again with the completely new world

Snail Bob 2 again gives the gamers a whole new experience of fun gaming. Continuing with a similar vein, you control bob to pass through various obstacles while dodging several enemies along the way. Visit to get full information regarding the game.

Snail Bob 2 (2)

This time snail bob is heading to his grandfather’s birthday party. You need to solve the puzzle and help Bob out to reach the birthday party. The game comes with a pack of 25 levels and you need to clear all the levels to help Bob reach his destination. If you fail in a level, no punishment for that, you can try again. This part of Snail Bob comes with amazing soundtrack, which is quite interesting. Though adults will only enjoy the tender pace but kids will truly revel in what’s here.

Win in Rural Racer

In car racing, the racers try to get to the finish line in the shortest time possible and ahead of others. Most of the time, the number of laps is included in the rules laid down for the competition. If you like playing plain racing games without added extra challenges, you will surely love Rural Racer.


In this game, you race against one car. You simply have to complete eight laps ahead of the other car. You control your car using the arrow keys. You can also use turbo to speed up your car by holding down the shift key. And what more, you can play this game with a sibling or friend because it has an option for two players. Player two will control his car using the A, S, W and D keys for the car’s direction and the Tilde (~) key for turbo.

It is all about candies in Pinata Hunter

Are you a candy lover? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely like or even love the flash game presented in this article. It is about Pinata Hunter. It has something to do with the famous Pinata, which we usually see and enjoy during birthdays and other festivities. There are three reasons why you will love this flash game. One is because it is easy to play due to understandable graphics and features. Second is because it involves candies which are sweet and delicious.


You may not taste them for real but you will still enjoy the sweetness virtually. The instruction or objective is very simple which is to hit the Pinata and collect all the candies as many as you can. In each level, there are different equipment or instrument that you can use. If you are able to earn enough money, you can finally buy the chainsaw to hit the elephant filled with candies. Enjoy and play this delicious and sweet game online now!

I Love Traffic if it is flowing

If you were caught in a traffic jam, you would probably blame the traffic enforcer or the traffic light controller for the situation. Being a traffic enforcer looks cool but it is actually not that easy. You cannot commit a single mistake as this might result to accidents and worse, even to death. Bulk of vehicles from all direction adds to the problem at hand.

I love traffic (3)

In the game I Love Traffic, your role is to be a traffic light controller. Your goal is you have to let pass a number of vehicles safely along cross roads within a time limit. Can you manage to be a traffic controller? Turn the traffic light green or red by clicking your mouse on the traffic light. Playing this game gives fun and entertainment. It is challenging and definitely not boring. Although the graphic presentation is not much, it is enough for the intended purpose.