Have fun playing Cursor Chaos

Do you want an energizing fun game? Are you sleepy but needs to stay awake? Try to have some fun in the addicting Cursor Chaos game. You will have to practice your reflexes to win in this game. You should be fast and alert. And you have got to have full concentration; no disturbances. Can you make it through the forty two levels with only seven lives?

Cursor Chaos

Beat all forty two levels in the shortest possible time. But beware every level you fail has a penalty of twenty seconds. Use the arrow keys for the direction of the cursor and use the space bar to shoot or to jump. Cursor Chaos is an enjoyable skill game that will test your hand reflexes and quick thinking in relation to the clue or instruction that appears on the top center of each level. It may not relax you as you play but it will not stress you at all.

Create a line of discs in Connect 4

What is Connect 4? Is it a title of a movie, a television series, an internet provider or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the first three options, then you are completely wrong because Connect 4 is a flash game. This features colored discs which will be elaborated on the next paragraph. But before that, let us quickly discussed two main reasons why this game is a sure hit. One is because it involves colors making it appealing and attractive as well as lively and energetic. Two is because it challenges players as well as help them improve color coordination and logical situations.

Connect 4

As the player in this game, you will have to choose a particular color of discs, which you will have to play. Remember that the colors are either red or yellow. The goal is to make a line of four colored discs, which you have chosen before your opponent does. This will test your strategic thinking on how you will quickly form four discs while hindering your opponents. Remember that the lines can be straight, in a row, in a column or diagonal.

Experience the fun in Flood Runner 4

Do you enjoy playing running games? In Flood Runner 4, experience running for your life. It is the fourth installment in the Flood Runner series. On the highest platforms, you will have to keep ahead of a T-Rex that is after you. And when you fall down to the next platforms, you will have to run from lava that is as if chasing you. And when you fall down on the third platforms, you will be running from the flood where you could drown.


Run for your life but do not forget to collect coins along the way. And avoid all obstacles for they may lessen your life. In the previous versions, abilities are already available from the start. But in this sequel, you will only acquire the abilities as you run and reached certain distance or collected certain amount of coins. Check out this game at http://www.floodrunner5.com/flood-runner-4.

Perform the tricks/stunts in Stunt Pilot 2

Most kids, especially, boys, dream to be a pilot or the one controlling and operating a flying plane. This profession is quite tough to achieve because it requires training, experience, and bravery. Training in the sense that besides studying the course, one will have to train necessary skills which will attribute to flying lessons. Experience will come next because you will have to apply what you have learned indoors to outdoor or the real deal. Afterwards, you will have to pass the test and certification before you can actually become a full pledge pilot. In the mean time, you can rely on alternative mediums where you can grasps idea or details on how flying is done. One good way is through a game called Stunt Pilot 2.

stunt pilot 2  (1)

This is already the second serving from the exciting game series called Stunt Pilot. It is developed by Rock Solid Arcade for gamers to fully enjoy. The objective in this game is to operate and fly a stunt plane. Afterwards, you will have to execute the required stunts in each level. You can collect stars for added points. You can deal with this game by searching for www.stuntpilot2.com.

Help the Shotgun Princess Escape Her House

Fond of playing escape games, finding items and clues to use in escaping? Challenged by finding clues and items and solving some mysteries or problems? Then you will surely have fun helping the The Shotgun Princess from escaping her house. It a point and click puzzle game. She came home late from hunting trip and found a note on her door written by goblins. Upon entering her house, the door locked itself. Now she must find a way to escape her own house. Help her find items and clues she needs to be able to escape.


This flash game is a short game, but it is not that easy to solve. Though, you will not be bored playing; in fact you would be challenged to find your way out. And if ever you got stuck, a walkthrough button is at the right bottom of the screen.

Place Them Together In Blox Forever!

Blox Forever is a strategy building game and very exciting! Your goal is to put blox of the same color together so they can disappear from the screen. This is also a strategy building game because you need to figure out how to put them together.

Blox Forever (1)

At first levels, it won’t be so difficult, but late as you progress it will be harder and more challenging. A thing that makes this game so challenging is that you can not move blox upwards, only right, left and down. But later there will elevator that can move your blox up. You will see how amazing this game is! Every level is different and every one of them brings new challenges. So you need to concentrate and think how to put them together and make sure there isn’t one blox left. You need to remove all the bloxes. It is very addicting game! Check it out

Have Fun in Awesome Tanks 2

One of the recommended games for players who are in search for flash games that features explosive action is Awesome Tanks 2. This games is the sequel of Awesome Tanks. We all know that a tank is a heavily armored fighting vehicle carrying guns and moving on a continuous articulated metal track, and when they are used in a battle flash game, then you can expect high explosive action. In this game, the graphics are kept simple that gives it a different feel to it.

For this same reason, the game is also easy to understand and play with. Same controls are also used with that of its earlier version. What’s different between the two versions? Well, Awesome Tanks 2 has more upgrades made available. These upgrades can last a little longer too. You can click on http://www.awesometanks3.com/awesome-tanks-2 to check out this game and see if you can survive the battle of tanks.