Place Them Together In Blox Forever!

Blox Forever is a strategy building game and very exciting! Your goal is to put blox of the same color together so they can disappear from the screen. This is also a strategy building game because you need to figure out how to put them together.

Blox Forever (1)

At first levels, it won’t be so difficult, but late as you progress it will be harder and more challenging. A thing that makes this game so challenging is that you can not move blox upwards, only right, left and down. But later there will elevator that can move your blox up. You will see how amazing this game is! Every level is different and every one of them brings new challenges. So you need to concentrate and think how to put them together and make sure there isn’t one blox left. You need to remove all the bloxes. It is very addicting game! Check it out


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