Perform the tricks/stunts in Stunt Pilot 2

Most kids, especially, boys, dream to be a pilot or the one controlling and operating a flying plane. This profession is quite tough to achieve because it requires training, experience, and bravery. Training in the sense that besides studying the course, one will have to train necessary skills which will attribute to flying lessons. Experience will come next because you will have to apply what you have learned indoors to outdoor or the real deal. Afterwards, you will have to pass the test and certification before you can actually become a full pledge pilot. In the mean time, you can rely on alternative mediums where you can grasps idea or details on how flying is done. One good way is through a game called Stunt Pilot 2.

stunt pilot 2  (1)

This is already the second serving from the exciting game series called Stunt Pilot. It is developed by Rock Solid Arcade for gamers to fully enjoy. The objective in this game is to operate and fly a stunt plane. Afterwards, you will have to execute the required stunts in each level. You can collect stars for added points. You can deal with this game by searching for


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