Create a line of discs in Connect 4

What is Connect 4? Is it a title of a movie, a television series, an internet provider or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the first three options, then you are completely wrong because Connect 4 is a flash game. This features colored discs which will be elaborated on the next paragraph. But before that, let us quickly discussed two main reasons why this game is a sure hit. One is because it involves colors making it appealing and attractive as well as lively and energetic. Two is because it challenges players as well as help them improve color coordination and logical situations.

Connect 4

As the player in this game, you will have to choose a particular color of discs, which you will have to play. Remember that the colors are either red or yellow. The goal is to make a line of four colored discs, which you have chosen before your opponent does. This will test your strategic thinking on how you will quickly form four discs while hindering your opponents. Remember that the lines can be straight, in a row, in a column or diagonal.


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