What you should know in Potty Racers tricks

There are some tricks that you must know to make Potty Racers more entertaining and challenging. One is to be patient in playing Potty Racers. More and more coins are earned by doing some stunts as well as by getting the necessary distance and height. Keep going, this may take a few tries. Second trick is to know what to purchase first. You must buy the wheels first. These will help you earn more distance and height while playing. Then buy a trick.

Potty Racers tricks (5)

Potty Racers tricks will help you improve your score, and fill your wallet early. After buying the first set of wheels and a trick, you can now upgrade your pipes and wings. The third trick is the performance of stunts. When you gain airtime, you must perform as many stunts as you can before landing. Try to look closely how far in the air are you. This will help you improve your score and your money flow. In order to increase your cash flow, you have to make multiple stunts per round because that provide more and more reward money.


Numerous levels found in Crush the Castle 5

Are you familiar with Crush the Castle 5? Is it a game, a movie or a series. If you pick the last two, you are wrong because it is a flash game. This is actually the fifth installment from the series Crush the Castle. The series has been very successful because of the exciting features it offers. But if you are avid follower of this series, you can expect a lot of improvements with Crush the Castle 5. To know more about this sensational edition, just simply rely on the next paragraph.


Improvements are the additional factors why you will love this fifth edition. First improvement is the design of the characters which is now more intricate and detailed compared to the previous editions where there is a blurry design of the king, queen and other characters. Second improvement pertains to the number of levels this game has which is over 100. The objective of this game is still the same which is to kill inhabitants and destroy the castles they live in.

Retrieve the pets in Where are my Bunnies

Why do you think pets are important in one’s life? There are three answers that can satisfy the question. First, they serve as stress relievers to their owners in times when sadness, disappointments and bad vibes surround that particular person or individual. Second is because they play the role in the ecosystem and not just at home. Last is because they bring happiness and entertainment. They are now incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games.


One perfect example is the flash game called Where are my Bunnies. The story of this game surrounds the farm life. The farmer is breeding different kinds of farm animals such as cows, horses, chickens, pigs and bunnies. The struggle in the story starts when someone anonymous has broken the cages of the bunnies leading to their escape and spread to different places. It is the player’s mission to help the farmer retrieve all the bunnies in time so that the farm will be complete again.

Show your fashion capabilities in Barbie Real Haircuts

Barbie is the infamous beautiful, sexy and forever young fashion doll that has been the favorite toy of young girls. You can comb and style her hair, change her clothes and shoes, put on accessories, make her swim and a lot more way to play with her. She has also been an idol to women who dreams of having a perfect body statistics. Real Haircuts brings you the chance of styling Barbie’s hair in one of their series, Barbie Real Haircuts. Comb Barbie’s hair, iron flat it or curl it.

barbie real haircuts (2)

What more, you can choose the color of her hair, either color it in one color or in several colors. You can add the glittery hair spray too. There is an option to take picture or print your creation. Discover more in Barbie Real Haircut for an endless possible combination of styling Barbie’s hair. Young girls will surely love this game.

Shoot more with your 10 More Bullets

Do you enjoy playing shooting games? Then, you will surely love playing 10 More Bullets. Make the most out of your ten bullets. Shoot as many spaceships as you can. But do not just keep on shooting. Wait if your shot has a chain reaction; that is if your bullet hit a ship, it may multiply into a wave. At the beginning of the game, you are given one hundred coins.

You can also upgrade for a cost from the Shop; earn coins as you play. Acquire Max Combo to get bigger explosions; Boosters to get more boosters at the same time; Grabbers so they can grab stuffs on the ground for you; and Special Waves to have big waves with many ships. 10 More Bullets is a sequel of 10 Bullets; and this link will give you the fun this game brings:


Play Return Man 3 Unblocked for the touchdown

If you have played the Return Man game series before and enjoyed every sequel of it, you will surely love to play yet another sequel. Yes indeed, Return Man 3 is now unblocked. Play Return Man 3 Unblocked whenever and wherever you are. You can now play the game whether you are in your house, in the school, in the office or anywhere in front of a computer.


Use the letters I, J, K, L keys to control your star player or customize your settings and use the arrow keys instead. Make that winning touchdown by running unhindered to the other end of the field. Outrun the defense team’s star kicker and avoid mud puddles. Return Man 3 Unblocked is a fun strategy action game. You have to find your way to the other end of the field in front of the obstacles preventing you from winning.