Numerous levels found in Crush the Castle 5

Are you familiar with Crush the Castle 5? Is it a game, a movie or a series. If you pick the last two, you are wrong because it is a flash game. This is actually the fifth installment from the series Crush the Castle. The series has been very successful because of the exciting features it offers. But if you are avid follower of this series, you can expect a lot of improvements with Crush the Castle 5. To know more about this sensational edition, just simply rely on the next paragraph.


Improvements are the additional factors why you will love this fifth edition. First improvement is the design of the characters which is now more intricate and detailed compared to the previous editions where there is a blurry design of the king, queen and other characters. Second improvement pertains to the number of levels this game has which is over 100. The objective of this game is still the same which is to kill inhabitants and destroy the castles they live in.


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