What you should know in Potty Racers tricks

There are some tricks that you must know to make Potty Racers more entertaining and challenging. One is to be patient in playing Potty Racers. More and more coins are earned by doing some stunts as well as by getting the necessary distance and height. Keep going, this may take a few tries. Second trick is to know what to purchase first. You must buy the wheels first. These will help you earn more distance and height while playing. Then buy a trick.

Potty Racers tricks (5)

Potty Racers tricks will help you improve your score, and fill your wallet early. After buying the first set of wheels and a trick, you can now upgrade your pipes and wings. The third trick is the performance of stunts. When you gain airtime, you must perform as many stunts as you can before landing. Try to look closely how far in the air are you. This will help you improve your score and your money flow. In order to increase your cash flow, you have to make multiple stunts per round because that provide more and more reward money.


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