Crush the zombies into pieces in Earn To Die 2

Zombies have been incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are three reasons why such incorporation happens. First is because of the mystery that still lingers on zombie although they are proven not to be true at the moment but people still grasp the idea that they may be existing but haven’t been figured out. Second is because of the scare that they bring to anyone who watches or plays them in the virtual world. Last reason is because of the excitement that they offer even if they are quite scary in terms of looks.



Earn To Die 2 is a good example of a game that incorporates zombies. The main objective of the player in this game is to crush zombies on the road and earn cash to avail certain upgrades presented in the game. The scenario in this game is that the player is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and he or she is the only survivor left on that location. He or she must find a safe place where other survivors might be existing. There will be different vehicles available for crushing the zombies. You can visit this game at

The five episodes of Earn to Die Games

Earn to Die games have five sequels released yearly from 2011 to 2015. In Earn to Die 2011, the town was invaded by zombies and the main character is among the survivors. Help him escape by reaching the helicopter. In Earn to Die 2012, the helicopter ran out of gas and landed in a place full of zombies. So in Earn to Die 2013 which is actually Earn to Die 2012 part 2, the man character is to head towards a military base for safety.


Earn to Die 2014 is exactly the same as Earn to Die 2011 except that the super wheel is already found. Earn to Die 2015 is different from the rest. In this sequel, you play as a doctor to cure patients but the German soldiers are preventing you from doing so. Learn more about Earn to Die games in

Remember who you are in Autowars

Do you enjoy playing car games? Then you should try the game Autowars. It is a game where you woke up in a post-apocalyptic world not remembering who you are. Going around you will find that the people around have plenty of problems such as toxic infections, government suppression and roving gangs. The resistance movement will give you a lot of quests and missions; some of these missions may give you information on who you are. As you drive around, you may be engaged in car combats.

Autowars (2)

You will drive and you have to survive in the thirty quests of the game. These quests include underground engagement with robot enemies. You will have to build additional two cars and add two more weapons to easier defeat the enemies. Autowars is an action car game. It is your primary goal to survive and later on be able to remember who you are.

Build your own railway system in Railway Valley

Ever wonder how a railway system works? How come trains do not bump with each other? Try to manage a railway system yourself in Railway Valley. You are given an initial budget which you can use in the construction or repair of the railway system or bulldozing obstructions. You earn cash when train deliveries reach their destinations. You do not have any control of the trains; you cannot make them stop or go.

You only control the railway; you can manipulate where the trains will go through the railway. Like in actual practice, the trains cannot collide with each other. It is your responsibility to repair any damage or wear off in the railway system. You have an option to choose the difficulty level of your game as to speed, delivery bonus and obstacles at the beginning of the game. You can choose between Easy, Medium or High.


Become very rich in Rich Car Games

Car games are very in demand to day because of three things. First is because they offer a variety of entertainment which most gamers are looking for in a game. Second is because they virtually satisfy the passion and needs of car enthusiasts who are addicted to cars and other vehicles. Last reason is because they are exciting, thrilling and amazing due to the adrenaline rush they bring to every individual. This article is presenting a flash game about cars and it is called Rich Car Games. In terms of popularity and quality, this is absolutely a nice one.


This is a cool racing game created and developed by Smokoko. The player will drive different cars in each level. He or she must also collect gems which correspond to a certain amount of money. Finish all the races in first place as much as possible. This is entitled as Rich Car Games because you can be a virtual rich gamer if you are able to collect lots of money.

Be the King of the Kings in Feudalism 4

There is a hierarchy that is being implemented in the world in terms of status of a person. Examples are politicians such as Presidents down to Mayors. Another examples are Kings, Queens, Dutchess and Dutches. Why do you think it is important to implement a hierarchy? The answer is because we need order, peace and an organized society or community. But there will be instances that some are abusing their powers while others are not doing their duties and responsibilities very well. It is indeed important that all of us are true to our words and actions to make the world a better place. This article mainly revolves a flash game called Feudalism 4. This is also about status in the virtual community.

Feudalism 4 (3)

This game is the fourth edition from the game series called Feudalism. The gamer or the player will start as a local chief in a specific place who has a mighty and high dreams of becoming the King of all Kings. Before he can do that, he must step by step reach that objective. The player will interact with other places and fight with the most powerful person in that place and beat him. The higher numbe of beaten fighters will send a message that you are the King of Kings. This game is full of FUNNNNN!