Be the King of the Kings in Feudalism 4

There is a hierarchy that is being implemented in the world in terms of status of a person. Examples are politicians such as Presidents down to Mayors. Another examples are Kings, Queens, Dutchess and Dutches. Why do you think it is important to implement a hierarchy? The answer is because we need order, peace and an organized society or community. But there will be instances that some are abusing their powers while others are not doing their duties and responsibilities very well. It is indeed important that all of us are true to our words and actions to make the world a better place. This article mainly revolves a flash game called Feudalism 4. This is also about status in the virtual community.

Feudalism 4 (3)

This game is the fourth edition from the game series called Feudalism. The gamer or the player will start as a local chief in a specific place who has a mighty and high dreams of becoming the King of all Kings. Before he can do that, he must step by step reach that objective. The player will interact with other places and fight with the most powerful person in that place and beat him. The higher numbe of beaten fighters will send a message that you are the King of Kings. This game is full of FUNNNNN!


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