Remember who you are in Autowars

Do you enjoy playing car games? Then you should try the game Autowars. It is a game where you woke up in a post-apocalyptic world not remembering who you are. Going around you will find that the people around have plenty of problems such as toxic infections, government suppression and roving gangs. The resistance movement will give you a lot of quests and missions; some of these missions may give you information on who you are. As you drive around, you may be engaged in car combats.

Autowars (2)

You will drive and you have to survive in the thirty quests of the game. These quests include underground engagement with robot enemies. You will have to build additional two cars and add two more weapons to easier defeat the enemies. Autowars is an action car game. It is your primary goal to survive and later on be able to remember who you are.


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