The five episodes of Earn to Die Games

Earn to Die games have five sequels released yearly from 2011 to 2015. In Earn to Die 2011, the town was invaded by zombies and the main character is among the survivors. Help him escape by reaching the helicopter. In Earn to Die 2012, the helicopter ran out of gas and landed in a place full of zombies. So in Earn to Die 2013 which is actually Earn to Die 2012 part 2, the man character is to head towards a military base for safety.


Earn to Die 2014 is exactly the same as Earn to Die 2011 except that the super wheel is already found. Earn to Die 2015 is different from the rest. In this sequel, you play as a doctor to cure patients but the German soldiers are preventing you from doing so. Learn more about Earn to Die games in


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