Utilize the water raft in Raft Wars 3

It is noticeable that there are flash games circulating online that are quite unique. When we say unique, it means that there is something unusual or new in a specific aspect that we are noticing at a certain point. A unique game is something that has mixed characteristics. For example, a shooting game that has a touch of water and tennis balls. This exact description pertains to Raft Wars 3. It is the third installment from the game series called Raft Wars.

This is a fun shooting game that is very approachable and accessible. When you say approachable, it means that it can be introduced to young ones because it is child-friendly. When you say accessible, it means that it can be easily played online. Your mission in this game is to simply control and navigate the cute character in a water raft. Help him to defeat enemies using tennis balls. Upgrades are available once you are able to earn points.

Raft Wars 3 (2)


Be successful with your mission in Operate Now: Leg Surgery

Are you familiar with simulation games? They are games that let you feel and experience a process of a certain job like being a doctor, manager and pipefitter in a virtual way. These games are integral because of two things. First is because of the fact that they give people or gamers an idea of how something is done in reel manners. Second is because they give young ones the awareness they need in terms of what they would like to be in the near future.


If you are an aspiring doctor or have someone in mind who might be interested in the field of medicine, then you might want to try the game called Operate Now: Leg Surgery. Your objective in this game is to successfully operate the patient’s leg which you will notice as the title already says it all. You will just have to follow the instructions given in the game screen and meticulously and carefully done the operation. This game can be played online now.

Stop and continue gravity in Gravity Boy

Gravity is what makes things grounded on Earth. This is what keeps us on the ground. Due to this gravitational pull, everything in this world is organized and not floating because if that happens, it is kind of crazy. Do you know that there is a flash game that incorporates the essence of gravity? Yes, there is! The name of the game is Gravity Boy. If you want to find out more about this game, you can simply rely on the next paragraph.

The main character in this game is a cool blue boy. Your goal as the player is to navigate him through the blue ball. You don’t have to make him jump continuously because you can stop the gravity to make it on your favor. Just press the SPACEBAR to stop the gravity and arrow keys to move wherever you want the blue boy to fall and then press the SPACEBAR again to continue moving.


Concentrate well in Coco Shell

The concept of Coco Shell would probably be familiar to you. This flash game was actually created based on a party game. It is an old game but will still give you the fun and excitement. In this flash game, a black ball is hidden among four coconut shells. You will guess which coconut shell is hiding the ball. But you have to make a bet first before guessing.

coco shell (2)

coco shell

At the beginning of the game, you are given one hundred. You can bet either fifty, five hundred, five thousand or fifty thousand. Double click on a bet to double the amount of the bet. If you find the ball, you win and your bet is added to your bank. The game will be over if you do not have enough money to bet. In playing Coco Shell, you will have to be very attentive; eye coordination would really be practiced.

Defeat the evil master in Ninja Brawl

Ninjas are usual characters found or incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are two reasons why they are usual characters in the mentioned virtual mediums. First reason is because they have a mystery surrounding their characters which makes the people hooked and curious. Second reason is because of their tremendous skills that are quite tough to master. There is a flash game presented in this article that is exactly about ninjas.

The name of the game is Ninja Brawl. The story in this game is about a ninja who wants to end the slavery in his town. The evil samurai master has occupied the town and turned the people into slaves. One ninja stepped out of the dark and is trying to oppose the higher people. He will fight his way towards success by unleashing his ninja skills. Try your best to defeat the evil samurai master and free your beloved town.

Ninja Brawl