Defeat the evil master in Ninja Brawl

Ninjas are usual characters found or incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are two reasons why they are usual characters in the mentioned virtual mediums. First reason is because they have a mystery surrounding their characters which makes the people hooked and curious. Second reason is because of their tremendous skills that are quite tough to master. There is a flash game presented in this article that is exactly about ninjas.

The name of the game is Ninja Brawl. The story in this game is about a ninja who wants to end the slavery in his town. The evil samurai master has occupied the town and turned the people into slaves. One ninja stepped out of the dark and is trying to oppose the higher people. He will fight his way towards success by unleashing his ninja skills. Try your best to defeat the evil samurai master and free your beloved town.

Ninja Brawl


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