Retrieve the tasty treat in Fancy Pants 2

One thing that is great about game series is that they have evolving stories which really entertain the gamers. Fancy Pants is one of them. Besides having a cute character, the story in each edition is worth appreciating. The second installment from the mentioned series is called Fancy Pants 2. It has an interesting story that you shouldn’t miss. Continue reading so you can know it now!


The story begins when the main character which is a stick man has won a tasty prize for being a golf player. Unfortunately, an underhanded rabbit stole it from him. The stick man must retrieve his prize before it can be diminished by the rabbit. It will only happen if you help him as the player of this game. Control and navigate the stick man towards the platform and help him chase after the rabbit. There will be rooms to look at and you must find the snail and golf hole to enter the next room. There are art pieces that you must be able to collect too.

Play more games like flood runner

Flood Runner game series is an exciting action game of running and jumping at the right time. You run as fast as you can to avoid drowning in the incoming flood. And because of the success of the game series, more games were created with the same core gameplay. Such games may have different gameplays, mechanics and rules, but the core remains running and jumping at the right time.

One worth of mention is Brave Run which is based on the animated movie Brave, where the character keeps on running while avoiding rocks and water puddles. You could check this game in various websites. Another game is Fat Ass Run where a fat man is trying to lose weight by relentlessly jogging. Running over healthy food gets him thinner, but unhealthy foods makes him fatter. And the last is Lego Running 3D where the Lego man keeps on running while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles.


Dress the fashionable trio in Shopaholic: Hollywood

Fashion is an essential thing or skill for most people because it makes them stylish and proper in terms of clothing and posture. Although this is not really a required skill to have, there are two reasons why you should be dealing or engaging with fashion once in a while. First is to reinvent yourself. You may or may not notice it, but the way you look and dress are unnoticeable the same in certain occasions.

Shopaholic Hollywood (1)

It is fine to sometimes reinvent yourself like a treat for your eyes and others as well. Second is because fashion can also be a good source of income if you really give your heart to it and be passionate about it just like the famous designers and stylist around the world. If you don’t have the sense of style yet, you can learn through different methods. One of them is by playing a flash game. You are lucky because this article presents one. The name of the game is Shopaholic: Hollywood. There are three fashionable trio going in Tinseltown. Your mission is to help them find the perfect outfit or look for the event that they will be attending. You will be provided with certain fashion stuffs and you have to maximize them to their full contribution.

Beat the legendary master in Dragon Fist 3D

Are you familiar with the video games Street Fighter and Tekken? Do you know why they are very popular among gamers around the world? If your answer to the first question is a yes, then you will surely like the treat that this article has. If your answer to the second question is a no, then you will also be informed as you read along with this article. The treat that we are talking about is a flash game that is very similar with the mentioned video games a while ago. It is called Dragon Fist 3D.

DragonFist 3D

There are two reasons why the video games are very popular. First is because they involve a lot of fighting and extreme stunts that most people are passionate about. Second is because of the fact that it can raise awareness about self defense. Dragon Fist 3D is like the upgraded version of Street Fighter and Tekken. In this game, you will choose a dragon fighter that you will join in the competition where the best of the best are ready to battle it out. Unleash your dragon’s ultimate fighting skills so that it will get the chance to face the legendary master of Dragon Fighting in the end.

Kill all enemies in Strike Force Heroes

Do you like shooting games? Play the action-packed Strike Force Heroes game series. You are the captain of a military team. Your tasks are to protect different territories or capture new terrain. You have the power to decide how many teammates you want to bring along and which type of troops you want with your team. At the beginning of the game, you are given a limited budget and your hero – your first squad Captain.


You have to kill all the enemies along your way to finish the game. You earn cash for each enemy you kill. At the beginning, the missions are easy to accomplish but as you level up, you can expect more difficulty with every level up. There is a wide range of weapons too; additional weapons are unlocked when you accomplish a mission. And what more, you can customize and personalize your troops.