Beat the legendary master in Dragon Fist 3D

Are you familiar with the video games Street Fighter and Tekken? Do you know why they are very popular among gamers around the world? If your answer to the first question is a yes, then you will surely like the treat that this article has. If your answer to the second question is a no, then you will also be informed as you read along with this article. The treat that we are talking about is a flash game that is very similar with the mentioned video games a while ago. It is called Dragon Fist 3D.

DragonFist 3D

There are two reasons why the video games are very popular. First is because they involve a lot of fighting and extreme stunts that most people are passionate about. Second is because of the fact that it can raise awareness about self defense. Dragon Fist 3D is like the upgraded version of Street Fighter and Tekken. In this game, you will choose a dragon fighter that you will join in the competition where the best of the best are ready to battle it out. Unleash your dragon’s ultimate fighting skills so that it will get the chance to face the legendary master of Dragon Fighting in the end.


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