Retrieve the tasty treat in Fancy Pants 2

One thing that is great about game series is that they have evolving stories which really entertain the gamers. Fancy Pants is one of them. Besides having a cute character, the story in each edition is worth appreciating. The second installment from the mentioned series is called Fancy Pants 2. It has an interesting story that you shouldn’t miss. Continue reading so you can know it now!


The story begins when the main character which is a stick man has won a tasty prize for being a golf player. Unfortunately, an underhanded rabbit stole it from him. The stick man must retrieve his prize before it can be diminished by the rabbit. It will only happen if you help him as the player of this game. Control and navigate the stick man towards the platform and help him chase after the rabbit. There will be rooms to look at and you must find the snail and golf hole to enter the next room. There are art pieces that you must be able to collect too.


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