Help some villagers with a bang in Bomb Besieger

Save the city by throwing bombs to the evil knights that invaded it. Help the defenders on their quest to save the town and return it to its former peaceful state in Bomb Besieger. Throw bombs in the perfect angle and make it explode on the enemies’ faces. Make plays by passing bombs to other defenders. You play as one of the defenders who are trying to save the city. Move the mouse up and down to set the angle you want to throw the bomb and move it left to right to control the power.

Bomb Besieger (2)

Once set, left click to throw and wait for the bomb to do its thing. You have limited number of bombs per level so you have to use it wisely and accurately. After finishing a stage you will get a star depending on how fast you cleared it. You can get up to 3 stars per stage and if you take too long you don’t get any. After finishing the 36 difficult stages.There are couple of achievements that you can do in the stages to challenge yourself more.


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