Help a town in its Industrialization in Railway Valley

Practice and enhance your supervising and strategic skills in a bird’s eye view of a plain that gets industrialized over time. Create routes and rails for trains to run through in Railway Valley and make the town’s economy raise. Cut trees, repair your rails and prevent trains from colliding from each other. Are you going to succeed in your quest for money? Or will your business go bankrupt?


Plan your railway positions and where they head to over a small plain. You will start off with a good amount of money that you can use to buy rails, remove trees, pools of water and holes in the ground. In game, you will not be using any key, but you will use your mouse to maneuver over the plain that you are working in. you can change your cursor to three modes, the rail builder, which of course puts rails and its extra rotate function, the dozer which removes all obstacles including unwanted rails and the control mode where you can switch the rail where the train will be going in a split. There are 3 difficulties you can choose from to test your abilities. Good luck to your railroad business!


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