Bloxorz-Enjoy This Awesome Game

Bloxorz is a game with 33 levels to play where the aim is to take the boxes to the right place. Therefore, it is a game where you need to solve few puzzles every level to get the box in the right place.
In Bloxorz, you need to be careful not to take the box to the edges. This will restart the game because you can’t move the box from there. There are switches and bridges you need to activate or deactivate to find the right path. There are mainly two types of switches in this game. The first type is activated with a slight touch of the box where another one need the full pressure from the box. It means, it is better to use heavy boxes to activate the 2nd type of switches. Once you get to a new level, you will get a passkey. Using this key, you can play this level any time you want.