Destroy everything that comes your way in Dad N Me

If you are looking for a game about brawns and fighting, you can rely on the game presented in this very article. The name of the game is Dad N Me. This is quite interesting literally and figuratively because of two reasons. First is because of the involvement of father and son tandem which all know is a usual team up when it comes to family but in a game, it is quite refreshing. Second is because of the involvement of numerous fighting actions and scenes which are mostly created by the little one. The story in this game is that the father trains his son to be a good fighter by letting him beat up the children in the playground and streets.

This is a game that can be graphically shocking or revealing for young ones but for adults, this can be a great game to release tension and different negative feelings instead of bursting them out in real life. The main goal of the players who will be dealing with this game is to simply destroy everything that comes their way. There are children to beat and fathers to overcome as well as explosive stuffs to boost your performance and score.

Dad N Me (3)

Be a great fact finder in Space Oddity

Have you ever dream of becoming an astronaut or reaching the outer space due to curiosity? If you are positive about the question, then you might like indulging or engaging with the flash game that this article is presenting. This is about a fact finding adventure and the name of the game is Space Oddity. You will surely like this game because of two things. First is because of the fact that is has a good story to tell which gamers will really follow. Second is because of the mystery that you have to unfold which is quite exciting and thrilling.

Space Oddity

The story in this game is about the outer space where a space station has been off for the past four months. The station specializes on the secret archeological discoveries which is a top secret duty. Being the nearest ship, you will be tasked to find out what happened and do everything to fix the problem at the fastest possible time. Use the mouse to interact in the game.

A game made accessible in Return Man Unblocked

Do you have an idea what Return Man Unblocked is? Is it a title of a movie, a name of a television series or an example of a flash game? Most of you will answer the first two options because it is more relatable than the latter but the truth is that it is indeed an example of a flash game. This is actually the unblocked version of a popular game called Return Man.

return man

The reason why it has an “unblocked” word on its title is because of the fact that it is now made accessible by all gamers who want to engage with it. Before, this game is only played on computers but now, it can be played on different gadgets out there. The mission of the player in this game is to be the receiving catcher who will make the winning touchdown for your team. You must be very focused on the task because there are defenders and blockers hindering your way.

A variety of sweet-filled games in Pinata Hunter Games

If there is one sweet-filled game series existing at the moment, it is the Pinata Hunter Games. There are three reasons why you should try playing the games included in here. First is because of the simple game play that you have to accomplish which is worth trying and appreciating. Second is because of the involvement of sweets such as candies and other goodies. Last is because of the fact that this is all about piñata which is very common at parties for kids.



There are four games included in Pinata Hunter Games. They are Pinata Hunter 1, Pinata Hunter 2, Pinata Hunter 3 and Pinata Hunter. The good thing about each edition is that they are able to serve improving gameplay and entertaining story as well as new features to diminish redundancy in a game series which we normally see on some entertainment medium. Try this entertaining compilation of games now and have a blast.